Richard Liebrechts

South Africa and Africa

Richard has spend 20+ years in the field of Foreign Direct Investment in Europe and Africa. With his vast knowledge on data analysis, he delivers new insights to CockpitWork.

Paulina Heizer

Poland and Central Europe

Paulina has a background in HR and public sector. Her focus is on economic migrants from East to West.

Peter Lemagnen

UK and France

As the founder of Oxford Intelligence, Peter brings wityh him a vast experience in data analysis. Peter has a focus on supporting municipalities and regions to digest big data for better decisions.

Bohdana Huriy


Bohdana has a PhD in sociology. She has a vast knowlegde on social innovation. 

Steven Smit

The Netherlands

Steven is a student at NHL Stenden University, faculty Business Administration. Stev en has a focus on collecting all information from the regions and to create a library with 'smart questions'.

Frank Melis


Frank is founder of He developed the data model of This model is used as the basis for CockpitWork.

Daria Markova


Extensive background in new business development. Big supporter of data-driven decisionmaking process. 

Thys Pretorius

South Africa

Background in business development in South Africa and Africa. Knowledgeable on commercial side and public sector.