Build Trust

Involve all stakeholders

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labor market: Individuals, Employers, Education and Regions.

We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves.

We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself will result in new services and is able to ignite economic opportunities for the good of all.

Labour Market

Making it fully transparent

Throughout Europe, the labor market is becoming highly dynamic due to technological developments.

As a result, traditional middlemen will be replaced by smart algorithms; employers will be invited to provide both decent salaries and development opportunities to attract and retain employees; and, individuals are requested to maintain their knowledge and skills to stay agile.


Delivering impact

Big data analysis help all stakeholders on the labour market to  understand what is going on in the labour market.

This understanding delivers better decions that have a positive effect on the labour market.

To build up a relevant data-cloud, we have build a data model that  is capable to address all four stakeholders at the same time.


Simple and circular has a focus on collecting real-time data. This data is analyzed and offered to all stakeholders in a specific city or region.

Based on CockpitWork, we offer additional services such as Key Battle Framework.

It is our aim to help the labour market to grow from a liniair model to a circular one to mobilize all talents and assets in the region.

Key Programmes

Focus strengthens the regional economy has developed a Social Architecture to allow the four key stakeholders to work together. This architecture is complemented with four dedicated programmes: Jobs of Today, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Jobs of Future. All programmes include Life-Long Learning.


Our strategy allows informed decision-making by policymakers through CockpitWork, our integrated big data analysis tool.


Implementation goal

It is our goal to work with regions as true partners in implementing the 'Social Architecture'. We help regions to further improve on their policymaking for the labour market.


Implementation goal

We are convinced that the paradigm shift should be started by improving the demand of employers: the better we know what they are looking for, the better the quality of the match.


Implementation goal

Within the Social Architecture, we involve educational institutions. The algorithms generate personal learning advice to support all people to stay agile and competitive.


Implementation goal

Finally, we attract individuals to join to share their passion, strengths and competencies with relevant stakeholders. The goal is to be able to make a decent income.

Big Data for Policy-Making

The strength of iteration

Making use of a coherent data model and data analysis, it is possible to constantly improve the policy-making process. The four programmes that we offer feed into each other - after the first round of four programmes is executed, a new round can be started.

This time with a better understanding of the labour market and the effect of the policies on the ultimate goal to mobilize all talents and assets in the region.