Partners in CockpitWork

Support decision-makers

Together with our partners, we built new data analysis tools based on the data model. Do you want to join us? Contact us. CockpitWork is an initiative of You can join for FREE or visit IgniteFuture.Today for more information. 

Institute for Futures Research

South Africa

The Institute for Futures Research undertakes Futures research, trains corporates and individuals to use futures thinking tools, and offers various publications to keep clients updated on what is waiting on the horizon.

Ignatianum University


Ignatianum is one of nearly two hundred Jesuit universities worldwide, known for their prestige and high-quality education. The university has put the Social Innovation Institute in place to execute projects in Central Europe based on technology.

Global Leadership Initiatives


Global Leadership Initiatives exists to develop excellence in leadership globally. GLI focuses on leadership development within the context of a world that is Volatile, Ubiquitous, Uncertain and Ambiguity (VUCA).



European Center for Women and Technology is a partnership of more than 130 organizations representing high-level expertise in women and technology to measurably increase the number of  women in technology and ICT in specific.